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We arrived Sunday morning right on time to find the students already awake and roaming the house. Senior Chief had given them orders to prepare for at 0900 hours, and they were scrambling to get dressed properly and ready. We filmed them going through some rigorous PT, running on the beach, doing flutter kicks while laying in the break of the waves, getting wet-n-sandy, and many other training activities. The students were dedicated- sprinting into the water, running back on land to drop in the sand and roll around like dogs. When instructed to get sand in their hair, they eagerly rubbed fistfuls of sand into their scalps, then jumped to attention awaiting their next command. The team learned how to operate zodiac boats by paddle, working like a well-oiled machine to make it through the breaking waves and back on shore without dropping anyone overboard or losing control. These young men are pushing their preconceived notions of their own limits and performing in ways they never thought they could.

Senior Chief Don Shipley briefing the men

Chief Fuch instructing the men on zodiac boats

Flutter kicks in the surf

Running PT

Getting wet-n-sandy!

Transporting the zodiacs

Forging the ocean

Controlling the boat over waves

The afternoon was spent learning close-quarter-combat maneuvers and techniques. The students teamed up and practiced seizing the house, clearing rooms and controlling their weapons. We followed them through their drills before some brief break-time leading up to the night ops, where the fun began. The students teamed up and practiced drills on the beach before running a mission with the zodiacs boats over three miles down the coast. By the end of the night, we were all exhausted from the day’s events, and we were due back at 0800 the next morning.

Night training

Being briefed


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