Adventure Sports Media

We made it!

We left Gainesville at about 8:30pm after some minor time delays and drove straight through the night, arriving at the EXTREME SEAL EXPERIENCE at roughly 8am. The drive was fairly uneventful, with the highlight being a 3am meal in a podunk Steak-n-Shake with the absolute best little ol’ lady waitress, taking good care of us and still busting our chops. The sun began to rise as we drove through North Carolina, showering the tobacco fields with a beautiful golden glow. Once we pulled up to the training compound, the Shipley’s gave us a warm greeting and even labeled us as a “motley crew.” It didn’t take long for the work to begin as within 20 minutes, everyone had a camera in hand and we were following the students around as the instructors coached them through their morning chores. There was no time to rest! From the training compound we drove to Sandbridge Beach to track down a hotel and film the students unload gear and do some PT. Saturday was a day of rest for the students, so the afternoon was spent relaxing and conducting interviews. After an eventful evening (and still no sleep since we woke Friday morning), we drove to the hotel to prep our gear for the next day and get some much needed rest. We were due back at 8:30am.

Aaron filming from the cabin porch


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