Adventure Sports Media

Saturday, July 30th, 2011: A Good Day to Shoot the .50 cal.

After filming at the EXTREME SEAL EXPERIENCE, we felt that we needed more practice filming such a high caliber weapon due to its shockwave and the effect it had on our digital cameras. After a quick Google search, we found a shooting range in Baker, FL called Jay’s Shooting Range III (part of a chain in the Florida panhandle) that offered a semi-automatic .50 caliber Barrett for rent. So early Saturday morning, were in the truck, driving down the highway.
The range is located at the end of a wet and muddy dirt road winding through a country neighborhood, where the road becomes thinner but paved and has a series of speed-bumps as you drive down a hill, parallel to the range itself. Better hope the guys shooting have good aim.
After some brief paperwork, we hauled all 28 pounds of fury to the longest range offered, 150 yards, with a steel plate hanging high to serve as our target. We set the cameras up for the best angles clear of the shockwave, utilizing the tripods for an “unmanned” camera, preventing any risk of injury to a cameraman.
After shooting several rounds (not missing the target once), we felt we had a better grasp on how to prepare a shot for this type of scenario, and on how to snipe a target 150 yards away.


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