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Swooping Event at Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL

The Swaggerjack crew loaded up bright and early to travel down to Skydive City in Zephyrhills, FL for a swooping event. Some of the most talented swoopers from the league gathered to practice and show off their skills. Swooping is an extremely dangerous style of landing a parachute which involves an executive level of canopy control and expert navigation. The parachutists calculate their landing carefully and execute their final turns just so that they swoop through the landing area before actually landing. This is typically done over a shallow pond/pool so that they may drag their feet across the water and requires a much smaller parachute than what jumpers typically use. High winds may have cut the event short by making the landing area unsafe for proper navigation and canopy control, but this is only the second meet of the season!

As the conditions worsened, it got more and more dangerous for competitors to perform their swoops. Unfortunately, not everyone had a graceful landing.


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