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Santa Cruz Paddlefest 2012, Sunday, Finals

Sunday morning was a picturesque welcome for the final day of Paddlefest. Today was the competitor’s last chance to score points for the win, and the swell was epic! There were gorgeous sets stacking up left and right, with a beautiful off-shore wind making the waves look even more massive.

The last heat was scheduled for early afternoon, and the morning flew by with massive waves and impressive competition. Only the riders with the highest scores were even scheduled to compete today, and they did not disappoint! The SUP’s and kayaks did an amazing job showing the eager audience all the amazing stunts they could pull with their chosen crafts.

Santa Cruz was in it best form with warm sunshine and clear, blue skies. The weather had finally let the sun shine through for the finals after two trying days of cold and rain. This attracted more spectators, and it was an awesome competition!

The competitors gave it their all and put on a great performance for the judges and all of the gathered spectators. The winners for each division were announced as soon as all of the scores could be tallied. The results were as follows:

High Performance Men’s
1st – Darren Bason
2nd – Mathew Hoff
3rd – Eric Connor
4th – Dave Johnston

High Performance Women’s
1st – Kate Duncan
2nd – Devon Barker
3rd – Roberta Borsari
4th – Julie Mitravich

Masters Open
1st – Ken King
2nd – Dennis Judson
3rd – Ed King
4th – Dave Johnston

International, Men’s
1st – Stefano Bellotti
2nd – Jim Grossman
3rd – Mathew Hoff
4th – Darren Bason

International, Women’s
1st – Devon Barker
2nd – Kristie Koski
3rd – Julie Mitravich

Wave Ski Open
1st – Ken King
2nd – Tyler Lausten
3rd – Ed King
4th – Jason Kozun

Standup Paddle Surfing Shootout
1st – Matt Becker
2nd – John Griffith
3rd – Anthony Vela
4th – Avery Dinauer

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