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About Swaggerjack Productions

Swaggerjack Productions is an adventure film production company that specializes in coordinating high risk film projects and managing challenging conditions. We have filmed in multiple environments including:  oceans and rivers, swamps, deserts, rainforests, mountains, sub-zero temperature climates, and a variety of locations that pose unique challenges.
Swaggerjack Productions is unique for a film productions company because all of the camera operators and employees are extreme athletes. Several crew members are also either trained First Responders or EMT. This arrangement allows for a better sense of mutual respect between camera operators and the film subjects. Additionally, our background in sports and risk management provides a solid foundation for understanding the importance of safety and training.
We film high definition video with HDR FX7 and GoPro HD waterproof cameras. The Nikon D80 is our camera of choice for digital photography. Our audio equipment includes an assortment of boom and shotgun microphones as well as a portable recording studio. Swaggerjack Productions is constantly searching for and testing new technology that will improve our film and audio capabilities.

Through the course of our filming we have encountered dangerous animals, blizzards, hail, sand storms, hurricanes, and a tsunami. However, we have maintained an excellent safety record due to our emphasis on risk management and medical training. Please visit our website for employee bio.’s:

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