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Gatorfest 2011

Sunday, August 7th, Day 2 of Gatorfest 2011

Of the many competitors that started Gatorfest, only 4 remained on day 2 to compete for first place. No one really knows why competitors drop out after the first day; some say that they finally come to their senses, others say they just wanted to claim that they had competed in a gator wrestling contest.  One thing we do know, it’s the true champions that come back for day two in the swamp.

Derrick's gator is hold a bouquet of weeds for him!

Captain Jay Sparrow at the mercy of ChARGH!lie Fox

It was the Fox brothers, Dave and Steve, versus Derrick, a reigning champion from years ago, looking to reclaim his throne, and Jason McDonald, another former champion. The Fox father, Charlie, had won the past 3 Gatorfests, but was not competing this year due to doctor’s orders. His sons wrestled bravely and each got bit this Sunday! It was late in the day, their last catch. For Dave, he was neck deep in the swamp, feeling his way around an alligator trying to locate the head, when the gator’s head located Dave’s elbow. It was a quick snap and some mellow thrashing in the water leading to a lovely crimson shower spewing from Dave’s arm. Video of this and the aftermath will be available soon on our website,

Derrick ended up being crowned champion of this Gatorfest, regaining the title after years of forfeiting it to Charlie Fox. He managed to catch the most inches of gator throughout the contest, even if the margin was less than 6 inches. One of his most daring catches involved crawling into a small concrete tube, head first with no room to turn around, in an attempt to fish out a gator that had wedged itself in there. He caught the gator and won the contest. Go Derrick!

Derrick with his champion gator, winning Gatorfest for the first time in years, he will cherish this year’s experience, trophy, and bragging rights!:


Saturday, August 6th 2011- Day one of Gatorfest

The contest started at 11 am with the competitors eagerly awaiting their chance to wrestle and wrangle an alligator. Today they were each to catch 3 gators from different areas of the farm, with a goal of catching the most inches of gator. With one new contestant and several veterans trying to win the prize, there were many close calls throughout the day- not only for the competitors but for our cameramen too! Not one went through the day without stepping on a gator while wading through the swamps to get that perfect shot.

Gatorfest is always full of new thrills and exciting challenges! Be sure to bring the family for next year’s. A huge thanks to the Young family for allowing us to film and always taking good care of the competitors, the fans, and us cameramen!


On the road again…

The crew made it to Baton Rouge at about 6am this morning after driving through the night. They stopped for a little rest before hitting the road again on the way to Colorado Gators for the 16th annual Gatorfest, where amateur gator wrestlers from across the country come to compete for the trophy, and bragging rights! The crew is also bringing our DVD of Gatorfest 2010 available for sale at the Gator Farm gift shop! Also available on our website,
Follow six competitors through their journey competing to catch the biggest gators in the pit. He who catches the most inches of gator wins! Watch Derrick Buss dive on a gator and ride him through the water and watch Charlie Fox wrangle one of the biggest gators in the farm! Available for order now!