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Swaggerjack Behind the Scenes at Paddlefest 2012

Swaggerjack Productions travelled cross-country to beautiful Santa Cruz, California last month to film the 26th annual Kayak Surf Festival aka Paddlefest. We have made the journey to California every spring since 2008 to cover this awesome event and look forward to many more years of excellent surf and even better people!

Stefanie, Kristin, and Aaron

While covering an event, we are offered a unique perspective as the film crew; we work behind-the-scenes and gain a better understanding of what it takes to pull off such an event. Dennis Judson works harder than most at coordinating the annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest and also has a strong team of volunteers and committee members working to ensure no detail falls between the cracks. There are massive amounts of contestants, sponsors, photographers, spectators, and vendors who all need direction and supervision to ensure the Paddlefest goes off without a hitch.

It was our pleasure to assist by providing visual entertainment for the Friday and Saturday night parties and even getting our turn on the microphone to help announce the event. The role of emcee usually falls to Dennis himself, Mark Pastick, or any other kayak surf veteran who knows the sport and its players. My announcing skills didn’t even compare to the enthusiasm these men relay through the microphone as well as their extensive knowledge of the break, the sport, and the contestants. Not only did spectators learn about the tricks and the boats, but also gained personal insight for the riders.

Even though the Paddlefest has rented this surf spot annually for over a quarter of a century, there are still board surfers who didn’t get the memo. For the most part, they do a decent job staying out of the contest area, but there are stragglers who get yelled at by contest staff and regulators. Even the seagulls snub board surfers on this weekend…

The picture below is an excellent representation of just how thick the wave at Steamer’s Lane can be:

Special thanks to Dennis Judson for granting us the opportunity to spend another year on the cliffs filming such a wonderful event and to Mark Pastick and Jason Kozun for being such amazing west coast family!

Swooping Event at Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL

The Swaggerjack crew loaded up bright and early to travel down to Skydive City in Zephyrhills, FL for a swooping event. Some of the most talented swoopers from the league gathered to practice and show off their skills. Swooping is an extremely dangerous style of landing a parachute which involves an executive level of canopy control and expert navigation. The parachutists calculate their landing carefully and execute their final turns just so that they swoop through the landing area before actually landing. This is typically done over a shallow pond/pool so that they may drag their feet across the water and requires a much smaller parachute than what jumpers typically use. High winds may have cut the event short by making the landing area unsafe for proper navigation and canopy control, but this is only the second meet of the season!

As the conditions worsened, it got more and more dangerous for competitors to perform their swoops. Unfortunately, not everyone had a graceful landing.